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Agrilead, Incorporated and KALO, Inc. Announce Seed Care Product Strategic Alliance

RUSSELL, KANSAS (May 21, 2015) – Agrilead, Inc. announces the formation of a strategic alliance with KALO, Inc. of Overland Park, KS. Through the alliance, KALO will assume sales and marketing responsibility for the Agrilead NOVO® Seed Care Prescription Management System and Agrilead’s portfolio of seed care consumable products. There is no change in ownership at either company.

“This opportunity will bring broader exposure of Agrilead technology within the crop protection industry,” says Norm Wagoner, former Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Agrilead. “Since KALO was founded in 1932, they have proven their ability to develop the specialty products business and they are a perfect fit for this endeavor.”

As part of the alliance strategy, Norm Wagoner has joined KALO as Manager, Business Development for Adjuvants and Seed Care, to provide continuity with existing customers and to transition seed care product knowledge to the expanded KALO team. “We are thrilled to return to the seed business in this way,” says Chuck Champion, President of KALO. “KALO was an early pioneer of legume inoculants and other seed related products in the 1970s and 1980s; so this alliance is a chance to revisit our roots,” says Champion.

“The alliance allows Agrilead to sharpen its focus on discovery, development, and manufacture of seed care products and services while relying on the strengths of KALO to build the business,” says Jeff Ochampaugh, President of Agrilead. “This alliance allows Agrilead to innovate and KALO to commercialize,” explains Ochampaugh.

The Agrilead seed care product brands, now available through KALO, include FREE-FLOW™, CUSTOM COVERAGE™, PIXY™, COLORIZER™, TURBO-CLEANSE™, EZ-MIZER™, and the NOVO® Seed Care Prescription Management System. KALO will be offering the consumable products to the industry with a primary emphasis upon business development with crop protection distributors, including options for private labeling and proprietary brand development. The NOVO system will be offered for sale through a network of agents, managed by KALO, with vested interests in the seed care industry.

Companies and individuals with commercial interests in growing business together with the new alliance are invited to contact either KALO or Agrilead to learn more about the new partnership and the innovative seed care products now available through KALO.

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*NOVO, FREE-FLOW, CUSTOM COVERAGE, PIXY, COLORIZER, TURBO-CLEANSE, and EZ-MIZER are trademarks or registered trademarks of Agrilead, Inc.