Jeff Ochampaugh - President

Jeff was raised on a diversified farming operation in Northwest Kansas, not far from the present day location of Agrilead. He began his career in the crop protection industry upon graduation from Kansas State University in 1987 and has remained passionate about agriculture throughout his life. Jeff’s role at Agrilead is to focus upon Innovation, Intellectual Property, Strategic Business Development, and Corporate Vision. | Office: 785-483-5000

Sr. Production Specialist

Tony Bay - Sr. Production Specialist

Tony is a native son of the Russell area and came to work for Agrilead in 2012. He has played a key role in the formation of the Agrilead products portfolio and executes the production orders to make sure products are made correctly and on time. Tony’s primary focus throughout the day includes product assembly, staging, and operational support where needed. Many customers have noticed and appreciate the extra effort Tony delivers when preparing a product for shipment. | Office: 785-483-5002

Corporate Administration Manager

Sandy Ochampaugh - Corporate Administration Manager

Sandy is a city girl moved to the country and loves her rural Kansas lifestyle. Sandy came to work for Agrilead full-time a few years after the company was formed in 2005. She manages human resources and insurance along with accounting and other corporate administrative functions. Sandy is Jeff’s wife and so they work together at Agrilead and enjoy time together away from work as well. | Office: 785-445-3496

Business Administration Manager

Joan Pool - Business Administration Manager

Joan came to work for Agrilead in 2009, bringing with her 9 years of experience working for a regional seed company. Joan keeps Agrilead business on track by managing purchasing, shipping/logistics, inventory, and customer service. Joan is the person to call when assistance is needed with an order or troubleshooting a logistical issue or forecasting an urgent deadline or need. | Office: 785-483-5001

Lab Technician

Lois DeWald - Lab Technician

Lois came to Agrilead in January 2018 to assist Jeff with product innovation and laboratory services offered to Agrilead customers. Lois’s strengths for organizing and managing details make her a great asset in the lab. With Lois on board, Agrilead is able to do more collaborative work with customers in helping them test and discover the right seed care solutions for their particular seed care application. In addition to lab services, Lois also plays a key role in quality control and tracking sample requests. | Office: 785-483-5033

Director of Operations & Technical Service

Andrew Ochampaugh - Director of Operations & Technical Service

Andrew began his career at Agrilead working part-time in the warehouse after school and has worked his way to the director of operations and is the go-to-contact for customers when they need assistance for their Novo Seed Care System or any of the Agrilead products. Andrew has learned the seed care business from the ground-up and knows the real-world challenges of treating seed and how to resolve and fix problems. He is actively involved within the industry as well as locally in the Russell community. | Office: 785-483-5003

Operations Specialist

Andy Peterson - Operations Specialist

Andy began his work at Agrilead part-time during the winter months helping package Agrilead dry seed finisher products. During the summer of 2019, Andy came on board full time as Operations Specialist to support Agrilead production and warehousing functions along with repair and maintenance of the operation. Andy is the Agrilead "utility" player on our team, capable and always willing to jump in and go where needed to help get the job done. Andy is a young family man with his wife and two daughters eager to capture his attention when away from work at Agrilead! | Office: 785-483-5000

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